9 tricks to spice up your sext life



An eggplant emoji is never just an eggplant emoji.


Neither is the peach emoji, rarely is the cat emoji, and we all know any emoji involving water is certainly not about the weather.


I found myself at a multi-generational, multicultural dinner party last week at a table full of sex educators and relationship experts. As it does in great company, conversation quickly turned to modern sex practices – namely, the art of sexting. An Austrian woman in her 40s wanted to know, “If the eggplant emoji isn’t an eggplant emoji, then what is it?”


I took out my phone and opened a blank message screen and typed out an eggplant, a hand pointing to the right, a tulip, three “raindrops” and a wave. I then handed her my phone. “Ohhhhhhh….,” she said, blushing. Read more…


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