I’m 15 and Snapchat makes me feel awful about myself



You’re sitting in bed on a Saturday night, checking your phone. You go onto Snapchat to check your friends’ Snapchat stories. You find that not only your best friend, but all of your friends are at a party and didn’t invite you. You feel both sad and angry that you weren’t informed, and experience a sense of betrayal

Welcome to the reality of missing out, and Snapchat is at the center of it.

Snapchat started out as an way to send silly or fun private photos to your friends (or people who are more than friends). Before Snapchat stories, there was just sending a picture with a caption, for 1 to 10 seconds. It was great because you could send an ugly selfie, an inappropriate photo or a new haircut to anyone you wanted. Nobody would see it ever again (unless it was screenshotted). Read more…

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