Long Island Pay Per Click Management | PPC and Adwords Marketing

Long Island Pay Per Click Management services offering quality advertising using PPC and AdWords Marketing https://mymediapal.com/seo/long-island-ny/  516-708-4004 Great article-Many pay-per-click (PPC) advertisers start out with good intentions, but limited experience. As a result, they run into common mistakes that can hurt a campaign’s profitability. If your initial campaigns have produced lackluster results, read through the following mistakes and their solutions to improve your PPC ROI:  1. Targeting keywords that are too broad Here’s a newsflash: if you’re a new advertiser, you’re probably never going to be able to bid your way to the top spot for broad keywords such as “women’s shoes.” Even if you do, you’re going to be paying so much for the privilege that, unless you’re Zappos, it’s unlikely your revenue generated will justify your costs. Instead, start your AdWords campaigns with groups of five to 10 long-tail keywords — preferably those you’ve identified as good candidates from the data found in your Google Analytics or Google Webmaster Tools accounts. Expand your campaigns to broader keywords only as you’re able to prove a positive ROI with these entry-level queries. Long Island businesses please connote reading. 2. Putting too many keywords in an ad group In an ideal world, you’d create a unique landing page and PPC ad for every keyword you target, so that your user’s experience is as laser-targeted as possible. But since nobody has this much time, stick to ad groups of just five to 10 keywords to start, as mentioned above. Doing so will prevent you from forcing too many unrelated words and phrases to use the same ads and landing pages. 3. Running ads on the “search network with display select” campaign type Google tries to push this combination campaign type, but the reality is that AdWord’s search and display formats require different advertising approaches. Stick to search, display or both, but be sure the ads you create follow industry-accepted best practices for each individual campaign style. 4. Sending traffic directly to your homepage for your Long Island New York business Every visitor you secure via PPC ads should wind up on a landing page that’s designed to be as appealing and engaging as possible to his or her interests. If, instead, you simply drop visitors onto your homepage, you’re making them work to find the information they want, leading to higher bounce rates, missed conversion opportunities and unnecessary ad expenses. These are great insights on why you need the right Long Island PPC and AdWords management and marketing by your side. Please continue to read. Yes, it’s a little more work to craft custom landing pages for your PPC campaigns, but the results are worth the effort. Tools such as Unbounce and LeadPages make the process a snap. Related: It’s Easy to Spy on Your Competitors Conveniently and for Free 5. Not including negative keywords Suppose you run a website selling designer women’s shoes. Depending on the match type you use, your AdWords campaign for “women’s shoes” could appear for phrases ranging from “designer women’s shoes” to “cheap women’s shoes.” Since every click costs you money — and since visitors searching for the query “cheap women’s shoes” aren’t likely to turn into buyers for you — adding the negative keyword “-cheap” to your campaign will keep these tire kickers away. 6. Not rotating ad variation displays evenly If you create more than one ad variation (which you should, for split testing purposes), Google’s default is to serve up the ad it believes will perform better more frequently. While this might help your overall campaign ROI, it won’t give you a fair split test since the frequency of your ad variation displays isn’t even. For the rest of the article view source below. SOURCE:http://www.entrepreneur.com/ My Media Pal SEO Services Long Island New York 1111 Broad Hollow Rd, Farmingdale, NY 11735 516-708-4004 https://mymediapal.com/ Long Island Adwords management Long Island Pay Per Click Marketing Long Island PPC management Long Island PPC marketing Long Island Pay Per Click Management Long Island Adwords marketing Pay Per Click services long Island


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